We are exceptionally proud of the work our writers for The Ingredients Project are putting in. We have lots of great stories and editorials in the works. Stay tuned!

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We are exceptionally proud of the work our writers for The Ingredients Project are putting in. We have lots of great stories and editorials in the works. Stay tuned! -FO

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Paco The G Train Bandit on a Carvo production - featured on www.brapp.tv/brappBrapp HD  

Paco The G Train Bandit on a Carvo Music production - featured on www.brapp.tv/brapp

"Sunny Day in Brooklyn"

Connect with Paco the G Train Bandit:
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Carvo Music 
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The night the metal world stood still, and a legend's return to Columbus, Ohio 

The night the metal world stood still, and a legend's return to Columbus, Ohio
By: Rich "Casper" Klein

COLUMBUS, OHIO -  On the night of Dec. 8, 2004, the metal world was rocked to its core leaving Pantera fans around the world with a hole in their hearts and one question that they will never receive a justifiable answer, “Why?”

While performing with newly formed group Damageplan, Dimebag Darrell Abbott was shot and killed on stage at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. Among the barrage of bullets three others were fatally shot and killed in an attempt to stop the gunman and resuscitate Abbott. A Dimebag fan, Nathan Bray, 23, Alrosa Villa security guard Erin “Stoney” Halk, 29,  and Damageplan head of security Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson, 40, were the unfortunate victims and unsung heroes by whose actions allowed the escape of many of the bar’s patrons. 

Officer James Niggemeyer of the Columbus Police Department was the first to arrive on the scene. With his sidearm and shotgun he entered the venue without backup to see the gunman Nathan Gale, 25 with a hostage in one arm shooting into the crowd with the other, taking aim with one shot Niggemeyer safely disabled Gale and the hostage was unharmed. It is said that Gale was a crazed fan, furious that Pantera broke up and even more enraged that Dimebag (Darrell Lance Abbott) and brother Vinnie Paul created Damageplan. Almost 12 years, later, Vinnie Paul finally returned to the city Dimebag was murdered.

Abbott  was a guitarist and songwriter best remembered for being a founding member of two bands, Pantera and Damageplan. He is renowned worldwide among his fans as a force to be reckoned with as one of the ‘GODS’  of metal and guitar. Ranking 92 in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Greatest Guitarists and No. 1 in the UK magazine Metal Hammer. Abbott was not only well respected for his musical talent but he was loved dearly by his family and close friends. At an event honoring Abbott on the 10th anniversary of his death friends celebrated his life. Gathering to remember their personal encounters with a close friend, and discussing memories with Billboard in one on one interviews. 

“He was like Blutarsky in Animal House you could just be having the most crap day, and then Dime would walk into the room and the party would begin! [Laughing]. He was like the Rat Pack all in one guy. He was Dean Frank Sammy, the whole Rat Pack in one human being!” said Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society and former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne.  

Rob Halford, the front man for Judas Priest had this to say “ I would put Dimebag in the same territory as Hendrix Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen all the Legendary guitarists that we think about when we think about rock and metal”.

But to Paul, Abbott was a brother, a band mate, and a close friend who shared a bond that was apparent, not only in their work ethic but in the music they created as the result. To lose a brother is tragic in itself, to witness his murder and have that same man try to take your life in the same moment is unfathomable. Paul’s courageous and relentless drive to continue to perform and create music in the wake of this tragedy is to say the least amazing and inspiring ,with his latest successful group Hellyeah.  Continuing the dream he and his brother shared, moving forward in the journey they embarked on together years ago is a testament to his strength and the size of his heart. Up until this year at the 2016 Rock On The Range, Paul has not played a show in Columbus since that fatal night in 2004. It’s more than a significant milestone, it is the turning of a page ,a mending of the spirit in ways. It seems that Paul has found some peace more than 11 years after the death of his brother. 

In a chat with WWE star Chris Jericho for the “Talk Is Jericho” Paul reflected on Abbott’s love for people. “It didn’t matter where it was, when it was, how it was, whether it was playing his guitar, whether it was shaking a hand, signing an autograph, giving him a pick, or just saying hi. That was the most important thing in his life-making other people smile," said Paul. 

He added,” Me and Dimebag used to joke with each other all the time. We’d be on a plane and we’d say, ‘hey man, if we’re going down, we’re going down in this plane crash together. It was always ,’we’re gonna do this together because we did everything together. And we didn’t get to do it together-that night in Columbus. And when I say we didn’t get to, I don’t mean to say that. It was a really hardcore, tragic event, and the guy [Gale], wanted to kill me too. And somehow or another , I was lucky enough to escape that, and I’m still here and I will do everything and anything I can to carry on the legacy and the tradition that my brother always had.” 


In a recent interview with Tina Smash and Big Ric of “ Big Smash Radio, Paul said, "It’s taken me a long time to really get in the right head space to where I feel like it was time to do it and it wasn’t anything specific- we’ve been offered to do it [Rock on the Range] just about every year since Hellyeah has been together. And this year, it just kind of hit me, I said ‘you know what? I think it’s time for the people there to hear what we do and to go back and just do my thing and show a little love to my brother,’I know the crowd’s gonna be chanting ‘DIMEBAG.' It’s gonna be huge, so it’s gonna be awesome”.

Huge it was, it was a sold out weekend with 120,000 people in attendance to witness a Legend's return to the city where he witnessed the murder of his brother.  Paul is a prime example of perseverance in the face of adversity. In this, a valuable lesson. We will never forget the pain of losing a loved one, but we can never lose the dreams and visions of the ones we love in the pain.


Casper's Queue
Pantera- Cemetery Gates:  https://youtu.be/RVMvART9kb8 

Damageplan- save me: https://youtu.be/NXlP1ds2l5c 

Hellyeah-Hush: https://youtu.be/f6ZScBMwmmQ 

Waking Tera- Miss Demise: https://youtu.be/1zn2CnPxj5U 

Killing The Catalyst- Skirmish: https://youtu.be/Ar-LNu4KDM4

Waiting for the Hatebreed, Devildriver and Devil You Know concert to begin, Rich of Blacksheep Review (left) was hanging out with Howard Jones (right) formerly of Killswitch Engage now front man for Devil You Know this past week at Hooligans in Jacksonville, N.C.

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Cootchill Nelson of The Ingredients Project had an opportunity to attend the Gabrielle Musicaro video release event of her latest single, FUEGO featuring French Montana. The evening in midtown Manhattan at Madison Square Tavern. The event welcomed Musicaro's family, friends, as well as a mix of music industry insiders. Musicaro also performed a selection of songs acapella, including FUEGO.

Photo Credit: Cootchill Nelson

Studio Sessions with Carvo Music

Only been live for an hour, listen to Mist.  See if you can catch the vibe.

Ambient -  Listen to Inner Workings 

HATEBREED releases new album, The Concrete Confessional 

HATEBREED releases new album, The Concrete Confessional
The Blacksheep Review got an exclusive listen of the album before the album release

By: Rich Klein

LOS ANGELES - HATEBREED has always been known for an in your face, to the point, no nonsense writing style and sound. Its no surprise that they have chosen to tackle present day issues, such as corruption and an egotistical self absorbed society, waging war on government as well as self-accountability. Their new album The Concrete Confessional screams “WAKE UP”, to the masses. Releasing today, Friday, May 13, the album is available on all platforms. (Visit
www.hatebreed.com to order.)

“It’s so hard when you’re constantly reminded of the injustice and how unfair life is, sometimes it’s not easy to have a positive mental attitude”, said HATEBREED front man, Jamey Jasta on the topic of the album’s contents. 

In The Concrete Confessional, the emotions run high on these topics, and the many injustices in our society today. “With the government and big business drowning in corruption and greed, the everyday person is being squeezed, so achieving the American Dream is becoming less and less real.” said Jasta. 

“We all need to pay close attention to what our elected leaders are doing, start locally in your own community, make your representatives accountable.” 

The Concrete Confessional is comprised of 13 songs, among them,  “Looking Down the Barrel of Today“ is a classic example of a HATEBREED battle cry - sure to uplift and invoke the raw emotion that every metal head seeks. Addressing a self centered world, where individuals are focused on their own petty issues, suppressing problems, and failing to address problems, as a society is the very message the track,  “Seven Enemies” drives home. 

Other tracks like, “Us against Us”, HATEBREED points out how people are distracted by social media and national news which seems to aim to divide society even more. To say the world is broke and divided is an understatement, however, the song uses that notion to address such happenings.

Ultimately, The Concrete Confessional is very relevant to the present day turmoil; Jasta’s lyrics are passionate and heartfelt. This album spotlights an eyes wide open view into the present dark world where people have no sense of accountability and have allowed appointed officials to make decisions on their behalf without questioning them. 

Like a rose can grow through a crack in the concrete, showing its strengths and vulnerability at the same time, the frustrations bleed through each song in the same fashion. When asked about the title of the song, Jasta said, “The title had to be something heavy and hard, but also vulnerable and honest.” 

When listening to The Concrete Confessional and its political consciousness, the important thing to remember is the album is delving deeply into the thoughts some people may have, but afraid to say out loud. This album gives a voice to the voiceless.

Connect with HATEBREED
Official website: www.hatebreed.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hatebreed
Instagram: @hatebreedofficial
Twitter: @hatebreed

HATEBREED The Concrete Confessional Tour coming to your city.


Bring on the noise: Newcomers Manslaughter prepares to make their official debut 
By: Rich Klein

Roanoke Rapids, N.C. - On quiet beautiful Lake Gaston, there is a rapidly growing force of young musicians, known as Manslaughter, taking the area by storm. It’s not only their talent that catches the eye and ear, but it’s their age that is dropping jaws. Comprised of three high schoolers, the band is in the process of hitting the studio to properly record their debut album. 

Upon meeting the boys of Manslaughter, their age becomes less and less a conversation piece as it is their excitement for the new experiences that leaves a lasting impression, aside from their music of course. Vocalist and bass player Jarret Johnson is only 15, but his screams are ear piercing and brutal - well beyond his years. He is joined by guitarist Jake Newsome, 17 who just a year ago got some hang time and an autographed guitar from Gary Holt of Slayer when he won the 30 Seconds to Shred Competition at the 2015 Monster Carolina Rebellion Festival. Sixteen year old, John Carter Jr. on drums has high-energy drum rolls and breakdowns that only add the icing to an already sweet metal sound. 

Brought together by a love of thrash metal at school, the band formed in August 2015. They received the idea for their name in the most unlikely of places, during a lecture in shop class. No sooner than the word “manslaughter” rolled off the teacher’s tongue, the boys made immediate eye contact with each other and knew it was to be their band name. 

In nine short months, the young men have already caused a big splash and with 25 written songs and an additional 25 songs in the works; these guys are ready to hit the studio at the end of May. Manager, Bobby Newsome shared this new transition is just the tip of the iceberg for what Manslaughter is ready to bring. 

“We’ve gotten to the point where we can play our songs all the way through. Everything is so tight,” said Newsome, guitarist. 

The self-titled song, “Manslaughter” has generated an immense buzz amongst the band’s followers. Newsome shared the song has become so popular that there is a particular fan that comes to their shows just to hear the song. Other songs the band performs regularly include, “Inside My Head,” Don’t Tell Me,” and “Give Me a Break.” 

The North Carolina rock scene is a competitive scene to begin with, but has welcomed them with open arms. Local music enthusiasts have been very supportive as well. In fact, another well-known band in North Carolina known as Waking Tera, passed the torch to Manslaughter in a band battle when they started taking their show on the road. The opportunity gave them a nod from fellow musicians and an opportunity to open for Soulfly Battlecross Suffocation Abnormalities and Lody Kong in Fayetteville at the beginning of this year. 

“We will always be grateful to Waking Tera (for the opportunity to perform in front of their fans),” said Newsome.

“We want to thank our fans for giving us the energy to bring the heavy; without them there is no us, there is no scene. We want them (our fans) to understand, (though) we are kids it's gonna get bigger and heavier with every album.” 

Manslaughter is passionate about their music and it shows. They’re dedicated, determined, and have the intent to be here for the long haul. Though they are still building, what they have built thus far is a huge testament to what they have to offer. One can only imagine where these three young men will be in five years time. 

“We just want to tour and have fun doing what we like to do,” added Newsome. 

Check out Manslaugher on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Manslaughter-701733873293873/


Casper's Queue

HATEBREED - Looking Down the Barrel of Todayhttps://youtu.be/viD6JMRGbbM
Parkway Drive - Wild Eyes: https://youtu.be/YuG4-lewUTs
Asking Alexandria - The Final Episode https://youtu.be/rLQBebfEXpc
Lamb of God - Ruin: https://youtu.be/iFm9v0wvEnw
Trivium - Until the World Goes Cold: https://youtu.be/53-LCHbuQlA


Carolina Rebellion 2016

The Blacksheep Review had an opportunity to spend three days to jump in and out of mosh pits at this year's Carolina Rebellion in Charlotte, N.C. This year's line up included 60 bands-Parkway Drive, Lamb of God, Rob Zombie, Deftones, Bring Me the Horizin, Disturbed, Megadeth, 3Doors Down, Sevendust, Asking Alexandria, Hands Like House, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Anthrax, Cypress Hill, Yelawolf, SHINEDOWN... Here's a quick snap shot of the weekend. Over 90,000 people attended the three day weekend.  STUDIO SESSIONSThough no where near the heaviness of HATEBREED, while you were sleeping, Carvo hit us with, 'Break Me' a track from his extensive rock genre collection.Listen to 'Break Me' at www.soundcloud.com/carvomusic 
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Releasing today: "Between Me and the World" M-1 (dead prez) and Bonnot 

M-1 of dead prez and Bonnot release new album Between Me and the World
By Nadya Nataly



Some hip-hop critics will say that the closest timely album, speaking to the continued discussion of race, politics, and racism in America was Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. Before there was a To Pimp a Butterfly, hip-hop spoke on those notions as an entire genre. There was an aspect of hip-hop that once upon a time was braggadocious to conversations that were related to something real on occurrences of the times.

Since the release of Let’s Get Free in 2000 M-1, (the other half of hip hop duo, dead prez), has been making music that has continued to resonate and identify with hip hoppers around the world. With the release of M-1’s (Mutulu Olugbala) in collaboration with Italian award winning producer, Bonnot, new album, Between Me and the World, the intense political monologues continue to echo and spill into an era of music that M-1’s “Free Up” says “Rap’s living in a fantasy.” 

Be it a fantasy or not, M-1 explains the statement is not a hit to hip hop, per say, but an honest statement on what people are presented with through social media, which only captures the positivism people and artists want to share creating an illusion of how things may be or not. The new LP release may spark conversations of current political issues along with the missing luster of hip-hop, but it is undeniably musical and lyrically conscious. Aggressive and assertive bars open the song, “Number One with a Bullet,” - “I’m ‘bout to spit some real shit, been holding my tongue for a lil’ bit. G-shit, better yet, RBG shit. Ya’ll be actin’ like ya’ll never did see shit…” - setting an immediate impression and tone that as a listener there is no telling what is about to happen in the next 10 songs. Coming from a ministerial conscious rapper, M-1 delivers a classic and nothing short from it. Hesitant of initially including features, the album does include collaboration from Killer Mike, Prodigy of Mobb Deep and more. 

“At the end of the day, the goal and objective is liberation and that’s bigger than the music itself. We have been blessed with the talent as dead prez and myself with the tools of political education, to be able to do, what we’ve been able to been able to do,” said M-1. 

Prior to the release of the new album, M-1 also shared he spent the last five years in Italy experimenting with sounds and genres from EDM, Drum & Base, and anything else he could get his hands on. He also points out his discovery of “trap hall” music, which is a sub-genre of trap music. Through his experimentation and submersion into a different approach to music sonically, he and Bonnot worked together to create the tone for the LP. The infusion of genres and sounds are evident through songs like “Open,” and “Tobacco Inc.”  

“The skin of being a revolutionary or the jacket of being a rebel, the amour of being a freedom fighter is something I am use to wearing… For me, now to sit down and write a song is part of a process that makes me sane. Making this album has been about producing, musically producing, which is a little different than my last; half of it (this album) was my partner Bonnot,” said M-1 one on the matter of who and what he had in mind during the creative process and making of Between Me and the World. 

“This is aimed for a public that has been hijacked and seasoned to listen to quick sound bytes thrown portraying a certain swag. I make my music now to say what I would say as a human being in the world – who lives, loves, and wants everything any other human being wants and to be free. I made it with that in mind. I made it understanding where music is today in the certain trap pace; and (mindful) of the people who are in the same generation as me, in our forties, but we are hip-hop.
“I made it from a health conscious stand point, a not give a fuck stand point, like said, burning down congress stand point. That was what I was attempting to communicate in the most human way possible when making this album now.” 
M-1 will celebrate the release of his new album tonight, Friday, May 6 in New York City. Between the World and Me is now available on all download platforms, i.e. Amazon, iTunes.

Listen to Killing It, https://soundcloud.com/m1deadprez_bonnot/killing_it
View the NEW video “Number One With A Bullet”:  https://youtu.be/1IGAmSwcneY  
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/m1deadprez_bonnot/sets/m1-dead-prez-bonnot-album  
Instagram: @M1deadprez  
Twitter: @M1deadprez


Studio Sessions with Carvo Music

M1 and Carvo Music at the 'Between the World and Me' album release party at Subrosa in New York, NY, May 6, 2016


This week Carvo Music shared 'Televised' now streaming on Soundcloud. Check it out and share your thoughts.

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