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New York City is the mecca of music, film and the arts.

That's Forever Original — creativity meets innovation and the arts meet business. We're inspired by the music we listen, the poetry we write and the art that envelopes our beloved city.

Dedicated to the movers and shakers of the music industry, we started our company with the vision to support indie artists in all genres and disciplines of music. Our founders, production master, Carvo Music and Nadya Nataly have worked on a number of projects and campaigns that promote music  and award-winning journalist, Nadya Nataly launched a one-stop shop in 2010 for artists to create and release music without compromising their artistic integrity. 

Stepping into our eighth year, we are now also based out of Atlanta, Ga. In this exciting new expansion, we are bringing the same services and support to artists in ATL.
As a credible multifaceted media and public relations firm our mission is to provide creative multi-disciplined campaigns that create, communicate, deliver, and contribute valuable offerings to colleagues/clients. These platforms have ranged from event planning, studio recording/engineering, publicity, media relations, and forming alliances that strategically supports clients' external and internal audiences. 
Our services are many. Tell us what you need. Let's go to new heights.
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About Forever Original Founders

Davy Crockett, better known as Carvo Music, is a British American record producer, engineer, songwriter and on a good day, videographer.  Initially, he was musically trained to play the trumpet and did so professionally as a part of a touring salsa band.

After moving to New York City from Wilmington, Del., Carvo Music began to work with a large network of musicians. Working in a studio based out of Midtown West, he recorded, engineered and produced music for rappers in Queens, Brooklyn, Harlem, Jersey City, N.J. and even Philadelphia, Pa.

Artists in New York City often refer to him as the "tailor-made" producer who helps them get the melodies out of their head and bringing them to life in a single studio session. 

With an innate ability to cross-genres, he's developed a unique blend of original melodies inspired by Jazz, Bossa Nova, Rock, R&B, EDM, Hip Hop and more. Over the year's he's developed a reputation for infusing live instrumentations with samples and recordings. He's also a professional audio engineer — mixing and mastering projects for artists in all genres.





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