Brooke Forman regarded as the next big super star: From Armada Music to Mad Rollercoaster

Brooke Forman releases Mad Rollercoaster and regarded as the next big super star
By: Nadya Nataly

LOS ANGELES - It’s only been two months since songstress, Brooke Forman, moved to Los Angeles. Moving to the City of Angels has been the beginning of a new chapter for her career. The Bucks County, PA native initially moved to New York City when she was 17 years with an ardent urge to sing. After ten years in the Big Apple, Forman was looking for a fresh start. Packing up her life in suitcases, the one-way flight to Tinseltown has caused her to feel a bit homesick, but she’s eager to show her new town what she has to offer as a musician. 

“It’s a new change for me, and I’m really liking it. The weather (here) is always nice. There’s a lot happening with music, but I miss New York and the hustle,” said Forman.

Before taking on the music industry as a singer, Forman’s story could have gone in two ways - become a record industry insider or a songstress. Opting the route of singing and performing, she looks back at her time at Armada Music, Armin van Buuren’s label, as the breeding ground, which eventually took her to new sounds – her music. Since arriving to L.A., Forman hasn’t taken any days off, as she candidly gushes she’s been spending her days in the studio with up to three different sessions a day. In the midst of her move, she released the lyric video for her latest single, Mad Rollercoaster and declared the next big superstar by the Huffington Post.  

 “Brooke’s tenacity to bring her dazzling ‘Mad Rollercoaster’ to life is a shining example of what being a genuine artist is all about, ” wrote Kyle Stevens in the Nov. 8 article

Though a little homesick, L.A. has been good to Forman. Calling herself a student to music, she is learning to play the piano and furiously writing songs, while collaborating with a slew of producers and songwriters. Humbled, yet excited about the latest raving reviews, Forman’s phone has not stopped ringing; though she shares her first priority is releasing her debut EP, Lioness, which will include the titled single, she released late January, Lioness, along with Mad Rollercoaster, and other songs. Though she gave no official date on the follow-up release of an official Mad Rollercoaster video or release of Lioness, EP, Forman says she has a plan in place filled with plenty of great music and videos her fans can anticipate. 

The song, Mad Rollercoaster, depicts a story of a frustrated lover who is confronted by a remorseful ex asking for forgiveness. Laughing, Forman explained a cheating (former) boyfriend inspired the song; just like the song he tried to convince her to take him back, but she wasn’t buying into his lies. Rather than show frustration or angst, Forman put the pen to pad and wrote the song. Grammy award winning producer and drummer to the Broadway show Hamilton, Benny Reiner produced Mad Rollercoaster

Though singing and performing are a priority, she also takes on the role of publicist, manager, lawyer, booking agent and handles all of the dealings with her career on her own.  Though she makes it look easy, Forman admits it’s quite a hefty task she takes on, but for the time being until the right team and fit comes along she will continue to purse her work independently.  “I don’t have a team, I do it all myself; a one-woman show,” she candidly explains. 
“I’m really lucky that I have the experience working for labels so that I can understand how the business works from behind the scenes. I got a lot of great information doing that and I decided to apply it when I decided to become a full blown artist myself.” 

Touching lightly on her collaboration with Nicky Romero and the fist-bumping song, Heartbeat, Forman has been transitioning from one end of the musical spectrum to another. Though she is still making EDM music, she is infusing genres - EDM, soul and pop, with her musical influences, like Stevie Nicks, to create her own voice. 

 “I was making a lot of EDM music and it’s something that I want to do if it’s the right project. Though, it’s not really where my heart is. So I started making pop and soul music. Soul is really where my heart is and I always (ensure) am singing with (my) soul no matter what type of genre; it’s really important to me. My EP is pop/soul and I’m trying different things, like the Bryson Tiller vibe, but for like a female. (I’m also experimenting) in trap soul a little bit and then I’m also doing some sync stuff too for commercials.  It’s a great outlet,” said Forman. 

Drawing on her experiences and embracing her inner feminist, Forman’s music is fun, funky and compelling as she is sharing her stories and experiences all while enjoying life.  She vies to write more songs about everything she can get her hands on, not just love, but for now, Mad Rollercoaster is the ride she’s taking listeners on. 

Prior to the release of Mad Rollercoaster, Forman successfully launched her own tour in Asia, without the support of an extensive team resulting in sold out shows in three countries and interviews with a number of radio stations.  Adding she’s quite fearless when it comes to reaching out to people and passionate about her work, she expresses her love for her independence. 

“I think it’s important to be an independent woman. I’ve always looked up to like, Stevie Nicks, who I think is such a rock goddess. I love her music. I even look up to my mom, who was a single mom. I think it’s important to be a strong and independent woman, especially in this world right now.  More so, as a musician, (for example) when you go to a studio session and you’re surrounded by all men – the producer is a guy, the songwriter is a guy, the label executive is a guy; so I think it’s important to hold your own, be strong, powerful, and embrace your – you.”

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Forman’s new single “Mad Rollercoaster” is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

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