Ebony Jenae

The Unapologetic Chicago Songstress

Ebony Jenae is a gifted singer from Chicago, presently residing in Atlanta. Searingly honest, Ebony Jenae’s songs are inspired by her personal truths and experiences. 

“I want people to take away healing from my music,” she said. “Whether it be through an affirming lyric, a happy melody or a vibrant beat. I hope they get some kind of healing after listening to me.”

Launching her solo singing career in 2019, she debuted single, Little Brown Girl, a song about  insecurities surrounding her skin tone that riddled her childhood. In the song, she asked the little brown girls of the world to find inner joy with who they are.

Hey there little brown girl, can you do one last thing for me?/Walk with grace./Claim your space./Don't you ever be ashamed/And you'll shine, and you're gonna be/Happy in your skin./Happy with your curves./Happy that you can say words no longer hurt./Happy with your smile./Happy with your style./Happy with your kinky curls./Your blackness out in the world./I hope you hear me, little brown girl.” - Little Brown Girl

The R&B singer has shared the stage with a number of world-renowned musicians namely — Jennifer Hudson and Queen Latifah. And if singing wasn’t enough, she seems to excel at other artistic endeavors including acting and writing — recently debuting her memoir, “​Dear Colorism, Time’s Up!”

In late January 2020, Ebony Jenae released her second single, I Still See You, a song of love, longing and loss. She is presently adding the finishing touches to her debut LP, Unveiling, scheduled to release in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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