Carvo Music Welcomes Artists to Collab or Record at Stush Studios (Original Date: March 31, 2014)

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Carvo Music Welcomes Artists To Collaborate or Record at Stush Studios


Listen to Carvo Music's Production On SoundCloud:

Carvo Music has been the secret force behind music steaming through the New York City underground scene. He has been easily described by many as the "must collabo tailormade" producer. Having been in the studio for so long, Carvo Music is now ready to come up for air. Carvo Music is extending an open invitation for all recording artists to come to Stush Studios to record or collaborate with him.

Listen to Carvo Music's production* on SoundCloud:

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There's so much music to make. Book your time slot for a one on one with Carvo Music by emailing/calling.

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545 Eighth Avenue (between 37th & 38th Streets)

New York, NY 10018


All artists interested in collaborating with Carvo Music are encouraged to contact him directly.*

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Email Forever Original:

*All of Carvo Music's production/beats are subject to change in sound or style upon a specific collaboration with individual artists.

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About Stush Studios:

Stush Studios is a recording studio located in the heart of midtown Manhattan comprised of two rooms that can cater to any budget or any project. With engineers who are also trained producers. Clients of Stush Studios receive a fulfilling studio experience and leave with great quality sound.

About Carvo:

Carvo has proven to be a confident artistically intuitive force to reckon with. He has an uncommon ear for music that ranges from jazz, techno, hip hop, and dance. His production can be described as a colorful eclectic musical spectrum.

Carvo is charismatic and assertive, but most importantly highly regarded for his understanding of the fundamentals of music and the music business. Through his launch of Forever Original, he has strategically connected each realm together to provide a platform for on the rise musicians by presenting various showcases, recordings, and events to music enthusiasts.

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