Forever Original announces the launch of The Ingredients Project

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Forever Original announces the launch of The Ingredients 

New York, NY-Thursday, April 28, 2016: Forever Original is excited to announce the launch of The Ingredients Project starting May, 2016. The Ingredients Project is an interview series that highlights the music industry movers and shakers-it's basically your favorite artist's favorite insiders and them too. 
Celebrated in the spirit of hip-hop, rock, jazz, and even a little off the wall randomness, the interviews will appear on The interview series will give readers and music enthusiast an opportunity to peek behind the curtain of the entertainment industry.  We also feature music from our recording studios in New York City. We are excited to formally introduce you to Carvo Music, while meeting more producers and highlighting their work. 

We are developing a calendar of events happening in your region please submit those too!  Who knows, we might end up coming to a city near you. The Ingredients Project will also welcome writers Rich Klein from New Bern, N.C. and Nasha Clark from Long Island, NY. 

Meet The Ingredients staff: 

Black Sheep Review by Rich Klien 
Rich's Black Sheep Review will offer a selection of stories from behind the scenes at concerts, local shows, special band features, and everything he can report on in music, art, and entertainment. Rich can be reached at Wanna see your favorite rock band on our site?  Share with him and the FO The Ingredients staff. 

Music News and Profiles by Nasha Clark 

On the verge of graduating with a master's from Hofstra University and working with some of New York City's most reputable brands, she is excited to jump on  board and share with all the latest trends and music news. She will be Nasha will be on the ground at New York City's premiere events and reporting on stories about artists, photographers, DJs, producers, and more. Nasha can be reached at 

Your favorite City Girl: Nadya Nataly 
Nadya Nataly is also going to collaborate and bring more exclusive interviews with some of your favorite artists. City Girl will continue to be reported through the Duplin Times, with the occasional highlight on FO. Contact Nadya Nataly at 

"We are excited to share with all of you the stories about an industry we have devoted our lives to. Music and entertainment has been a way of life for us. This interview series has been inspired by all of the artists who have ever reached out to me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We are forever original in a new art. We are Forever Original. Join us as we chronicle these stories," said Nadya Nataly, co-founder of Forever Original. 

Get involved or get featured 
Publicists and other interested parties can submit their availability to schedule an interview for their clients.  Submitting media kits, press releases, and music to is highly encouraged when emailing Forever Original. 

We’re always interested in addressing the needs and desired services of all artists. What are your quarterly goals? Do you have a new project releasing? Do you need a new producer? Do you have a marketing plan? Add us to your e-blast ( Share with us your music on social media. Submit your press releases.  Ask us  what you can do to take your music to new heights. You'd be surprise the vault of information you can access. 

Connect with Forever Original: 

Forever Original 
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Nadya Nataly 
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IG: @nadyanataly 

Carvo Music 
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