TeamBackPack Presents new summer anthem by Paco the G Train Bandit, produced by Carvo Music

Forever Original premieres BQE Ride featuring Redddaz, Crimdella produced by Carvo Music.

Paco The G Train Bandit's new summer single, BQE Ride was recently premiered on (Shout out to Mr. Porter) in mid-May.

BQE Ride is the first single from his upcoming EP, titled, Headlights.  The EP promises to have a wide range of content and styles, and features original production from Carvo Music, Tony Bella, Bang Musik, Blu York,  Speed Basser, Lord Plaws, and Deebio.

It’s a feel good summer anthem best enjoyed riding around with the top down on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.  The EP will have seven tracks and include at least three bonus tracks, all with original production, and many with features from amazing collaborators, such as Brittany Campbell, Bang Musik, and Tony Bella Productions.

"The summertime anthem is here!  This is that ride-around-with-the-top-down jam for you to bump while you’re looking for a next rooftop party," said Paco The G Train Bandit.

"The song is called BQE Ride because it was inspired by the feeling of riding down the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway when it’s nice out, usually in Tropic’s car with the bass cranked LOUD.  It’s a rare treat because usually my broke ass is taking the G train to get to Brooklyn, but sometimes we have a car to cruise around in.  The view of the city is amazing, the vape pen is lit, and you never know what you might get into."

Paco the G Train Bandit is a Queens-based rapper known for his intricate flows, energetic live shows, and poetic content. His music bridges the gap between hip hop purists and and mainstream listeners, earning him comparisons to Outkast, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem.  The themes in his music range from wild, party anthems to confessionals about his self-destructive tendencies, to real portrayals of relationships and everything in between.

He started his hip-hop career as a member of the Duk Duk Goose, a party-rap duo which built a buzz performing around the underground party scene in Brooklyn.  That background has given him a flair for live performance, and no two live performances are ever the same.  He regularly features exclusive live content, bands, DJs, burlesque dancers, live artists and other collaborators into his performances.

His music has been featured in rotation on Shade45, Big Bruce Radio (including a live cypher that was broadcast to over 23,000 listeners), and various FM Radio stations (WFMU 90.9 NYC, WRIU 90.3 Rhode Island, etc).  He has also been featured on big hip hop blogs such as Team,, Kevin Nottingham and many more.

Recently Paco the G Train Bandit was featured on upcominghiphop,net: [img align="center" caption="" size="orig"][/img]

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