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 For Immediate Press Release: Innovative new cloud-based platform changes how musicians and songwriters collaborate.

March 30, 2015-(New York, NY)-Known as the “beat search engine,” TrakStream ( debuted a cloud-based platform with intuitive search and discovery features exclusively for music creators. TrakStream changes the way musicians collaborate and share their talent with artist and the rest of the world through a subscription-streaming service, which enables veteran and emerging artists, musicians, songwriters, and producers to locate specific styles or sounds from a user-populated database using searchable keywords or terms denoting specific musical characteristics. Imagine Google searches, but exclusively for music creators. 

Currently undergoing beta testing, TrakStream is quickly becoming a useful tool for music industry professionals for scouting new talent and supporting indie artists outside of the traditional forms of searching. This application also encourages individuals who are interested in entering the music industry to submerge in the creative process, while connecting with other novice or professionals. TrakStream cuts out a step in the creative process by connecting producers and songwriters within minutes and a click of a button versus the connection of “hit or miss” social network and random Internet searches failures.
When looking for producers, songwriters and instrumentalists, TrakStream expands the search options beyond the limits of social media. TrakStream provides a full service beats search with discovery features. It is user generated content for data streaming services with no need to enter licensing agreements with major corporations. TrakStream is also mobile compatible and accessible through multiple media devices.
“There are so many talented artists in this world. TrakStream allows them to explore sounds and arrangements that may not have been previously available in their musical space which subsequently expands the creative art form beyond what’s already there,” said co-founder, Conrad Dimanche.
TrakStream’s co-founders Ainsley Nicholas, Anthony Marchante along with Dimanche promise an innovative platform of personal networking and target focus on music creation across every single genre of music.
TrakStream’s promotional video provides a comprehensive glimpse into the world of TrakStream and it’s mission to be the go-to tool for music tastemakers:

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Meet TrakStream Co-Founders

Conrad Dimanche – Co-Founder/President and TrakStream’s Industry Liaison

Dimanche served as Diddy’s right-hand executive producer for 10 years

while working as the Senior Director of A&R for Bad Boy Records. During his

tenure as a producer, Dimanche oversaw platinum albums from Bad Boy artists

such as Danity Kane, Day 26, Young Joc, Notorious B.I.G., Carl Thomas, Black

Rob, and many others.

Ainsley Nicholas – Co-Founder/VP of Operations

Nicholas earned industry stripes after performing more than 15 years of

service as a Network Analyst with a focus in content management and nichesite

development for Bertelsmann Media Group. As a music and internet

entrepreneur, Ainsley currently handles the day-to-day operations of


Anthony Marchante – Co-Founder/CEO and TrakStream’s Director of A&R

and Strategic Planning

Marchante is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the music industry, including a background in developing system architectures for several profitable niche websites. A graduate of the New York Institute of Technology, Marchante currently oversees Director of A&R duties and strategic planning for

Connect with TrakStream
Official website:

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