We are sad to announce... (For Immediate Press Release) (Sept. 18, 2015)

For Immediate Press Release:
Stush Studios in NYC closes

New York, NY-Friday, Sept. 18, 2015: After 15 years and three locations in New York City, Stush Studios is closing its doors. The last day of recording will be Friday, Oct 2, 2015.
    "Over the years I've worked with some amazing people and met some interesting characters. I'd like to thank them all for contributing to the Stush success story. I'm not yet sure what the next step is for me but I'm excited at the chance to write a new chapter," said Steve Francis president of Stush Music Inc.
    For the last four years, Stush Studios has been the home of Forever Original and Carvo Music, producer and engineer. We would like to extend our support to Francis in his new journey.
    Many have already reached  out inquiring on what's to happen with Carvo Music-as they say in show business, "the show must go on." Carvo Music will be available to collaborate and engineer as usual. Any and all inquiries can be requested at foreveroriginal720@gmail.com

    Interested parties in Carvo Music's production can also direct their request to email listed above or personally reach out to him via Soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com/carvomusic). We are forever grateful and thankful for all of your support. We will keep you posted on any updates and news as we begin our transition.

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