Will Sheridan named 45th Annual Pride Parade Grand Marshal. (Original Date: June 20, 2014)

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For Immediate Press Release:

Will Sheridan named 45th Annual Pride Parade Grand Marshal.

See you in the Windy City.

Chicago, IL-Friday, June 20th, 2014: June is national LGBT Pride Month. Cities across the country are celebrating the month long festivities. Chicago, IL will be hosting the 45th Annual Pride Parade on Sunday, June 29, 2014 at 12PM in Chicago, IL. The parade will start at the corner of Broadway and Montrose proceeding south on Broadway; then south on Halsted; then east on Belmont; then south on Broadway; then east on Diversey to Cannon Drive, in Lincoln Park. The parade will feature floats, decorated vehicles, marching bands and walkers, representing community businesses, organizations and elected government officials.


This year, WIll Sheridan has been bestowed the honor of parade Grand Marshall.

"I am excited to attend Chicago Pride, but to be Grand Marshall of the parade is truly an honor. Thank you to Chicago Pride and the city of Chicago. It truly means a lot to me," Sheridan stated in gratitude.

Excited to be in Chicago, Will Sheridan will be available for interviews, appearances, and bookings. Please contact Nadya Nataly at Forever Original for more details: foreveroriginal720@gmail.com

President Barack Obama issued a proclamation naming June as national LGBT Pride Month. Mayor Rahm Emanuel issued a proclamation naming June as Pride Month in Chicago.

Chicago's June Pride Month kicked off this year with dozens of same sex couples getting legally married at several events around the city and state. In addition, throughout the month of June, there are close to one hundred different events in Chicago celebrating Pride Month, with the Annual Pride Parade being the largest.

Pride parades are staged in over 125 cities worldwide with more than 65 of them in the United States and at least 12 taking place on the last weekend of June each year.

Several cities including New York, San Francisco, Miami, San Diego Long Beach, etc. schedule more than one GRAND MARSHAL each year.
PRIDEChicago has already scheduled a Grand Marshal, Will Sheridan, ( with a possible SECOND, TBA this week).

GRAND MARSHAL, Will Sheridan, is a former Villanova University basketball player, who also played professional basketball internationally. He is a former nightlife/music scene writer for Source Magazine and current performing artist (new wave mix of dance, hip-hop and pop). His new album and video, S.O.A.P was released Spring. He came out in a lengthy ESPN story titled: "Will Sheridan: I'm Proud of Who I Am." An appearance on "Outside the Lines" catapulted him into the public eye. He and one of his friends started a non profit that finds, funds, and supports orphans who have aged out of government and church assistance in Kenya. He does speaking engagements at colleges and youth groups speaking about his life as an openly gay athlete and music artist, and also has worked with Athlete Ally, GLSEN, and the Pride Network.

THEME & HISTORY: The theme for this year's Pride Celebrations, suggested by InterPride (the international association of pride groups) is "Reflections of Pride" (Stonewall 45). An alternate theme is simply, "Reflections of Pride." However, each year, parade entries, as well as groups sponsoring Pride Month events, have the option of using the international theme, an alternate theme or a theme or slogan of their own choice. The Stonewall 45 part of the theme refers to the Stonewall Inn in New York City where on June 27, 1969 police raided a gay bar. The patrons of the bar fought the police, kicking off a week of demonstrations and the birth of the modern day LGBT rights movement.

FINES/CITATIONS: The City of Chicago has also been reminding potential attendees at city parades that an ordinance passed last year increased the fines for public drinking and public urination within two hundred feet of a parade route. Fines now range from $500 to $1000. According to a recent press report and the Chicago Police Department, police officers will be targeting public drinking along the Pride Parade route (June 29); in the Halsted Street nightlife district after the parade; and also around Pride Fest (June 21-22), the weekend before the parade.

PRESS CREDENTIALS: Barricades line the entire parade route. So, only parade entries, parade marshals, police officers and other city representatives are allowed on the street, inside the barricades, with the exception of credentialed representatives from the print, broadcast and online media, etc. To have access to the street, in front of the barricades, members of the media must have press credentials (ie.: a badge worn around the neck). To be placed on the media list to receive credentials on parade day, e mail us your company name, your representative(s) name(s) and their cell phone number(s) to: PrideChgo@aol.com.

Then on parade morning, Sunday June 29, they can pick up the credentials at the Parade check-in table at the corner of Broadway & Montrose, where the parade starts, during the hours of 9 AM to 11:30 AM. The parade begins at 12 Noon.

For information: Contact Richard Pfeiffer, parade coordinator at 773-348-8243 (land line: before parade day) or 773-263-4143 (cell phone on parade day). E-mail: PrideChgo@aol.com Web site: www.ChicagoPrideCalendar.org (for updated parade information including street closures, cross over streets, etc.)

Richard Pfeiffer
(Parade Coordinator)
773-348-8243 (land line before parade day).
773-263-4143 (cell phone on parade day).

Formal Release from from: PRIDEChicago (Pride Parade organizers)


Map of Chicago Pride Parade route. (Click map for more details)


Map of Chicago Pride Parade route. (Click For More Details)


Streaming On YouTube

VIEW Make It Nasty (Unofficial Cypher): http://youtu.be/bojs0PWHjPc

S.O.A.P: http://youtu.be/RX7q3b8-a5s
S.O.A.P Trailer: http://youtu.be/iYhJuVUEKps
Blind: http://youtu.be/XJSa3AC3V1Q
G.I.A.N.T Intro: http://youtu.be/WHyoztPuPZ8
Here Comes The Son: http://youtu.be/6jk8v7Dxddo
Set Fire To The Streets: http://youtu.be/2gKYRbk1G0Q
302: http://youtu.be/_RoTyBg_Gpw
Jungle Juice: http://youtu.be/MOIT5GLTsnI
Welcome To The Jungle: http://youtu.be/mqQC1LT98CY
Will Sheridan’s Interview on Outside The Lines: http://youtu.be/W_hyXB-K6fM

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