Will Sheridan releases "Here Comes The Son" (Original Date March 26, 2012)

Will Sheridan releases the anticipated video for his latest single "Here Comes The Son." Ahead of the trend, this track introduces the new era of hip hop served by Will Sheridan on a silver platter. Will Sheridan is a testament of emerging visionary hip hop talent. This celebratory audio sets the stage for Will Sheridan's debut LP, G.I.A.NT.

Fans can download and view "Here Comes The Son" on iTunes and YouTube.



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Here Comes The Son

Set Fire To The Streets


Welcome to the Jungle

Jungle Juice



Will Sheridan is a Brooklyn based new-wave-hip-hop artist breaking the molds of the music industry. After playing professional basketball internationally, Will Sheridan moved to New York City, where he wrote for Source Magazine and immersed himself into the nightlife and the music scene.

His first EP, Ngoma, which is Swahili for "music," was released through Royal Advisor Records and included the club hit and viral YouTube video, "Welcome to the Jungle”- receiving astounding support and over 100,000 views.

Will Sheridan wrapped up summer of 2011 by opening for recording artist Drake at Villanova University’s homecoming concert. Will Sheridan is currently preparing for his first full length album, appropriately titled G.I.A.N.T.

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