HATEBREED releases new album, The Concrete Confessional

HATEBREED releases new album, The Concrete Confessional
The Blacksheep Review got an exclusive listen of the album before the album release

By: Rich Klein

LOS ANGELES - HATEBREED has always been known for an in your face, to the point, no nonsense writing style and sound. Its no surprise that they have chosen to tackle present day issues, such as corruption and an egotistical self absorbed society, waging war on government as well as self-accountability. Their new album The Concrete Confessional screams “WAKE UP”, to the masses. Releasing today, Friday, May 13, the album is available on all platforms. (Visit
www.hatebreed.com to order.)

“It’s so hard when you’re constantly reminded of the injustice and how unfair life is, sometimes it’s not easy to have a positive mental attitude”, said HATEBREED front man, Jamey Jasta on the topic of the album’s contents. 

In The Concrete Confessional, the emotions run high on these topics, and the many injustices in our society today. “With the government and big business drowning in corruption and greed, the everyday person is being squeezed, so achieving the American Dream is becoming less and less real.” said Jasta. 

“We all need to pay close attention to what our elected leaders are doing, start locally in your own community, make your representatives accountable.” 

The Concrete Confessional is comprised of 13 songs, among them,  “Looking Down the Barrel of Today“ is a classic example of a HATEBREED battle cry - sure to uplift and invoke the raw emotion that every metal head seeks. Addressing a self centered world, where individuals are focused on their own petty issues, suppressing problems, and failing to address problems, as a society is the very message the track,  “Seven Enemies” drives home. 

Other tracks like, “Us against Us”, HATEBREED points out how people are distracted by social media and national news which seems to aim to divide society even more. To say the world is broke and divided is an understatement, however, the song uses that notion to address such happenings.

Ultimately, The Concrete Confessional is very relevant to the present day turmoil; Jasta’s lyrics are passionate and heartfelt. This album spotlights an eyes wide open view into the present dark world where people have no sense of accountability and have allowed appointed officials to make decisions on their behalf without questioning them. 

Like a rose can grow through a crack in the concrete, showing its strengths and vulnerability at the same time, the frustrations bleed through each song in the same fashion. When asked about the title of the song, Jasta said, “The title had to be something heavy and hard, but also vulnerable and honest.” 

When listening to The Concrete Confessional and its political consciousness, the important thing to remember is the album is delving deeply into the thoughts some people may have, but afraid to say out loud. This album gives a voice to the voiceless.

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HATEBREED The Concrete Confessional Tour coming to your city.


Bring on the noise: Newcomers Manslaughter prepares to make their official debut 
By: Rich Klein

Roanoke Rapids, N.C. - On quiet beautiful Lake Gaston, there is a rapidly growing force of young musicians, known as Manslaughter, taking the area by storm. It’s not only their talent that catches the eye and ear, but it’s their age that is dropping jaws. Comprised of three high schoolers, the band is in the process of hitting the studio to properly record their debut album. 

Upon meeting the boys of Manslaughter, their age becomes less and less a conversation piece as it is their excitement for the new experiences that leaves a lasting impression, aside from their music of course. Vocalist and bass player Jarret Johnson is only 15, but his screams are ear piercing and brutal - well beyond his years. He is joined by guitarist Jake Newsome, 17 who just a year ago got some hang time and an autographed guitar from Gary Holt of Slayer when he won the 30 Seconds to Shred Competition at the 2015 Monster Carolina Rebellion Festival. Sixteen year old, John Carter Jr. on drums has high-energy drum rolls and breakdowns that only add the icing to an already sweet metal sound. 

Brought together by a love of thrash metal at school, the band formed in August 2015. They received the idea for their name in the most unlikely of places, during a lecture in shop class. No sooner than the word “manslaughter” rolled off the teacher’s tongue, the boys made immediate eye contact with each other and knew it was to be their band name. 

In nine short months, the young men have already caused a big splash and with 25 written songs and an additional 25 songs in the works; these guys are ready to hit the studio at the end of May. Manager, Bobby Newsome shared this new transition is just the tip of the iceberg for what Manslaughter is ready to bring. 

“We’ve gotten to the point where we can play our songs all the way through. Everything is so tight,” said Newsome, guitarist. 

The self-titled song, “Manslaughter” has generated an immense buzz amongst the band’s followers. Newsome shared the song has become so popular that there is a particular fan that comes to their shows just to hear the song. Other songs the band performs regularly include, “Inside My Head,” Don’t Tell Me,” and “Give Me a Break.” 

The North Carolina rock scene is a competitive scene to begin with, but has welcomed them with open arms. Local music enthusiasts have been very supportive as well. In fact, another well-known band in North Carolina known as Waking Tera, passed the torch to Manslaughter in a band battle when they started taking their show on the road. The opportunity gave them a nod from fellow musicians and an opportunity to open for Soulfly Battlecross Suffocation Abnormalities and Lody Kong in Fayetteville at the beginning of this year. 

“We will always be grateful to Waking Tera (for the opportunity to perform in front of their fans),” said Newsome.

“We want to thank our fans for giving us the energy to bring the heavy; without them there is no us, there is no scene. We want them (our fans) to understand, (though) we are kids it's gonna get bigger and heavier with every album.” 

Manslaughter is passionate about their music and it shows. They’re dedicated, determined, and have the intent to be here for the long haul. Though they are still building, what they have built thus far is a huge testament to what they have to offer. One can only imagine where these three young men will be in five years time. 

“We just want to tour and have fun doing what we like to do,” added Newsome. 

Check out Manslaugher on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Manslaughter-701733873293873/


Casper's Queue

HATEBREED - Looking Down the Barrel of Todayhttps://youtu.be/viD6JMRGbbM
Parkway Drive - Wild Eyes: https://youtu.be/YuG4-lewUTs
Asking Alexandria - The Final Episode https://youtu.be/rLQBebfEXpc
Lamb of God - Ruin: https://youtu.be/iFm9v0wvEnw
Trivium - Until the World Goes Cold: https://youtu.be/53-LCHbuQlA


Carolina Rebellion 2016

The Blacksheep Review had an opportunity to spend three days to jump in and out of mosh pits at this year's Carolina Rebellion in Charlotte, N.C. This year's line up included 60 bands-Parkway Drive, Lamb of God, Rob Zombie, Deftones, Bring Me the Horizin, Disturbed, Megadeth, 3Doors Down, Sevendust, Asking Alexandria, Hands Like House, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Anthrax, Cypress Hill, Yelawolf, SHINEDOWN... Here's a quick snap shot of the weekend. Over 90,000 people attended the three day weekend.  STUDIO SESSIONSThough no where near the heaviness of HATEBREED, while you were sleeping, Carvo hit us with, 'Break Me' a track from his extensive rock genre collection.Listen to 'Break Me' at www.soundcloud.com/carvomusic 
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