A night with DJ Eckhaus and Flux Pavilion at Webster Hall #Icantstop

Just saying the name -  Webster Hall, makes my head shake. Then I purposefully ask a series of questions like, "should I go, or what should I wear or do I really want to go?" 

One of the best shows I saw at Webster Hall was a few years ago, Freestyle Fever with Judy Torres and DMC. I had the night of my life. So when, Carvo Music, popped into my office with vague details about the happenings, I grabbed the most comfortable shoes and walked to the six train to Astor Place. When it comes to Webster Hall, a night can go from "ok" to "epic" at a blink of an eye.

Instagram post later: ".... what am I getting into? #NYC"



.... what am I getting into? #NYC

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...and we were inside.

In spite of my initial apprehension, I had the time of my life. Dancing, jumping, bouncing and wildin' out to the liberating sets of  DJ Eckhaus and Flux Pavilion. With a blink, I felt my body sling shot through the crowd. Riding the wave of people, I was floating. Their hands fiercely pushed and tugged me in every direction and I whimsically glided through the dance floor. When I fell, people pulled me up and gently launch me into the dance floor to glide gleefully under the mesmerizing lights.

I was drunk on euphoria. In this moment, I forgot my name. I felt the beat pulsating through me as I floated with the music.


DJ Eckhaus @ Webster Hall NYC - April 28, 2017




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After the show, the exhilaration was oozing onto the New York City blocks and carried me to Queens. Call me a fangirl, if you must, but the highlight of the evening was getting an opportunity to vibe with DJ Eckhaus. His love for music was so evident, but his humbleness was awe inspiring.

"I just love music. I love it so much that I just want to make it," said DJ Eckhaus. The Webster Hall show was merely glimpse into DJ Eckhaus's world. Upon meeting Eckhaus he appears laid back and a guy of a few words. However, that's not the case. Behind the turntables, he transforms into a mythical musical beast pumping out records that keeps everyone dancing and bouncing rhythmically to the beat.

Sharing that he grew up in a home where he listened to Motown and rock n roll, he attributed the infusion of genres as the spark for his passion for music; and it shows. Throughout his set he was fixated with getting the crowd moving and as each song melded into a rapidly moving wave of intergalactic frequencies through the dance floor, patrons at the bar threw back their shots and jumped right in. The reaction from the crowd was unanimous - Eckhaus is dope.

"Any time I listen to music, I analyze it. Even at the show [at Webster Hall], I was analyzing the sounds. I'm literally a music addict. That's just what it is; it's an addiction. It keeps me sane; if I'm sad...if I'm happy I do the music. [Now] I'm really trying to make quality music and get it out there," he says.

For the most part, Eckhaus is constantly seen in front of the a computer at home or at the studio. Experimenting with sounds and genres is something he doesn't take lightly as he devotes endless hours to honing on his producer and DJ skills. Underground artists from a wide-range of genres like hip hop and pop, have reached out to him hoping he can add the Eckhaus twist to their songs. Though he may consider himself mainly an EDM dj/producer, he isn't boxed into only EDM. This type of understanding of music is quite limited to some producers, who one may assume nowadays, rarely leave their cookie cutters in the kitchen.  However, he candidly says, EDM is his "thing." For Eckhaus, the high energy EDM offers is what resonates deeply with him.

It's [EDM] a cool vibe. I feel like it's  more like the new rock and roll and its just sweeping the nation. It's everywhere now; totally mainstream," he says.

Emphasizing the importance of the evolution in EDM music, Eckhaus says being a musician in the EDM realm is essential.

"I think EDM is stepping into an era that there are more musicians. They're not just guys who just press buttons. There are a lot of musicians in the industry. It's just going to make it better."

With summer around the corner, Eckhaus shared he's been working on a new EP, Frequency, set to release through Philadelphia indie label, No Hype Records.  Though there is no set release date for the Frequency, the project will primarily be EDM, but feature a versatile collection of Eckhaus' production.

More on DJ Eckhaus

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Aaron_Eckhaus

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/eckhaus-music




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